Down Under Horseman Faces 39 Charges

Published: September 20, 2016 12:18 pm EDT

Harness Racing Victoria has announced that its stewards have issued 39 charges under the Australian Harness Racing Rules against licensed trainer/driver Nathan Jack.

The first 37 charges were issued under the provisions of AHRR 230, which reads as follows:

Except with the consent of the Controlling Body a person shall not associate for purposes relating to the harness racing industry with a disqualified person or a person whose name appears in the current list of disqualifications published or adopted by a recognised harness racing authority.

It is alleged that from January 7, 2015 until October 23, 2015, Jack did associate with NSW disqualified person Jackson Painting for the purposes of harness racing, including allegations of communication about the chances of competing horses, race tactics, ownership decisions regarding horses and the purchase of veterinary substances.

One further charge was issued under the provisions of AHRR 245, which reads as follows:

A person shall not direct, persuade, encourage or assist anyone to breach these rules or otherwise engage in an improper practice.

One charge was issued under the provisions of AHRR 246 which reads as follows:

A person who has reasonable grounds for believing that someone is behaving, may behave or has behaved in a way causing, likely to cause or which has caused a breach of these rules shall promptly bring the matter to the notice of the Controlling Body or the Stewards.

Both of these further charges also relate to Mr Jack’s alleged communication with Mr Painting.

Other information in relation to this matter has been referred to HRNSW Stewards.

These charges will be heard before the HRV Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board on a date to be fixed.

(With files from HRV)