Gall Addresses Fredericton Situation

Published: September 10, 2016 05:30 pm EDT

Standardbred Canada President and CEO Dan Gall has issued the following letter to the SC membership with respect to the uncertainty over the future of Fredericton Raceway.

Dear Members,

On behalf of Standardbred Canada, I would like to express support that a long-term lease agreement is negotiated and agreed upon in the immediate future between Horse Racing New Brunswick and the Fredericton Exhibition Limited.

We greatly respect and promote that both parties continue to work collaboratively and cooperatively in reaching agreement.

We believe that horse racing in Fredericton represents an important contribution to the city, province and country. Having a long-term agreement between the two parties will encourage a positive outlook for the overall industry including the sport, economy, those that work in it, and of course for the horse racing fans that have frequented Fredericton Raceway for generations.

As Canada celebrates its 250th anniversary of horse racing next year, it would be a terrible loss for the industry and our nation to lose a heritage site like Fredericton Raceway, one of Canada’s oldest racetracks.

We are hopeful that both parties support this position and encourage all industry partners to work collaboratively with government on a strategy for long term sustainability of the industry.

On behalf of Standardbred Canada, we thank you in advance for your support and assistance with this issue.


Dan Gall
President & CEO
Standardbred Canada