Tioga Opens New Gaming Area

Published: August 12, 2016 02:35 pm EDT

Visitors to Tioga Downs this week will have a chance to experience the first finished section of the major renovation underway at the entertainment complex. Part of the new gaming area is now complete. More than 250 video lottery terminals have been set up in the area so guests can begin to enjoy the expanded casino.

“Rather than wait to reveal the expanded area all at once, we decided our guests should have a chance to enjoy the finished section right away,” said owner Jeff Gural. “We are extremely excited about Tioga Downs’ future and we thought that we would share a little taste of it right now. Virgil’s Real BBQ is off to a great start and this new area will provide easier, indoor access for our guests as well.”

The new gaming area connects the casino with the new Virgil’s Real BBQ, providing easier access to the restaurant which opened earlier this month. The multi-million dollar project to expand the Tioga Downs gaming area has been underway since October 2015. Last fall, New York’s Gaming Location Board recommended that Tioga Downs receive the state’s final full gaming license. Final approval of the license is anticipated this summer.

Major renovations to expand the Tioga Downs casino will make way for table games that a Class III license would allow the facility to offer. In order to prepare for this next phase of gaming at the casino, Tioga Downs has also been offering a dealer training school to qualified individuals who want to learn additional skills.

“As we expand, we will need to grow our team,” said Gural. “We are confident that the members of our local community have the talents to be a big part of the Tioga Downs’ future—we just need to give them the tools to help develop their skills.”

(Tioga Downs)