CHRB Committee To Review Exchange Wagering Rules

Published: July 2, 2012 02:41 am EDT

The California Horse Racing Board conducted its regular meeting Thursday, June 28, at Hollywood Park.

Chairman Keith Brackpool presided. Commissioners Steve Beneto, Jesse Choper, Bo Derek, Richard Rosenberg, and Chuck Winner were in attendance.

The Board referred all proposed exchange wagering rules back to the ad hoc committee for a comprehensive review of suggested changes. Those who submitted written comments during the public review period and those who made comments during the public hearing Thursday were asked to narrow their comments to specific rules and perhaps suggest alternative wordings to the texts. Those clarifying comments are due by July 8. After holding another public meeting (yet to be scheduled) and reviewing all materials, the ad hoc committee’s recommendations will then be considered when the full Board again discusses and acts on the proposed regulations either at the July 19 or August 23 monthly Board meeting.

The Board reaffirmed its decision to suspend authorization for clenbuterol at all racetracks for all breeds in California for a period of one year commencing July 18, 2012. The Board instructed the equine medical director and the Maddy Laboratory to administer a 21-day withdrawal period for clenbuterol. This action does not alter the clenbuterol ban imposed earlier on quarter horses.

The Board approved license applications for race meets at Golden Gate Fields (from August 17 through September16) and the Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale (August 15 – 26).

The Board approved for public notice a proposed regulation to prohibit tampering with smoke detectors located within the CHRB’s jurisdiction, including penalties relative to such tampering.

The Board approved the 2012-13 agreement between the CHRB and racing associations and fairs that provides funding support for Board operations pursuant to the Business and Professions Code. The CHRB budget for the current fiscal year is $11,590,000.·

In compliance with a newly enacted statute, the Board approved a new rule requiring the suspension of an occupational license if the licensee’s name appears on the Franchise Tax Board’s or Board of Equalization’s list of 500 top largest tax delinquencies.


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