Aftercare Initiative To Continue

Published: May 10, 2017 03:43 pm EDT

In 2016, the Harness Horse Breeders of NYS and the Morrisville College Equine Institute took on a new initiative for Standardbred aftercare. All Morrisville Yearling Sale consignors pledged support of the new initiative and joined in supporting NY-bred aftercare.

Harness Horse Breeders of New York State coordinated the donations to be used for NY-bred horse’s support services and with further assistance from the Standardbred Retirement Fund worked to provide safe homes for these horses. Erin Shantal of Morrisville College states, “We are truly thankful for the commitment of our consignors to provide for the animals they create. We thank the Harness Horse Breeders of NYS for providing an opportunity for all of us to give back and be responsible breeders.”

The total donated by the consignors was $4,850, and with this money nine NY-bred horses were moved to safety. Funds were also used to cover shipping and QT if it was necessary.

Harness Horse Breeders of NYS donated another $2,000 to make sure no NY-breds were left behind.

The initiative will continue in 2017 for all yearlings owned and sold by Morrisville College. At the yearling sale to be held on September 17, the college will donate $100 from the purchase price of each of their horses to a reserve fund to support any NY-bred Standardbreds found to be in need.

Morrisville College Equine Institute and the Harness Horse Breeders of NYS are once again asking consignor’s to support this initiative to provide a safety net for our NY-bred horses.

For a sponsorship form, please contact Mary Taylor at Morrisville College Equine Institute at 315-684-6355.