Statement From HHBNYS On Contract

Published: April 28, 2017 03:35 pm EDT

The following statement was issued by the Harness Horse Breeders of New York State (HHBNYS) regarding the administration and promotion of the NY Sire Stakes program.

To Industry Members,

On April 27 the contracts put out for bid for the administration and promotion of the NY Sire Stakes program were awarded to Capitol Hill Management Services by the Agriculture and New York State Breeding and Development Fund (Fund). A contract for both services was previously held by the Harness Horse Breeders of New York State (HHBNYS).

While the HHBNYS is disappointed that the “Fund” has made this change for the promotion and marketing part of the program it remains optimistic that new ideas and a bigger financial commitment by the Fund Trustees will result is a positive impact on the vested interests we all have in the Standardbred breeding industry. The HHBNYS board is hopeful that the Fund is correct in their decision and we will see an increase in breeding, handle and track attendance.

HHBNYS' commitment to the NY breeding program is unwavering. The Board feels this is the best program in the nation and that some of the world’s best horses are produced here. The purse structure is solid and reliable. The administration of the program does concern us; but the HHBNYS will continue to monitor the changes that are occurring. We truly appreciate all of the support in our time of change. We ask everyone in the industry to continue to support the NY Breeding program and have confidence in the knowledge that HHBNYS is still active and will remain on duty to serve the Breeders and Owners who chose to breed and compete in the New York Sire Stakes Program.

The Harness Horse Breeders of New York State own and manage the Zweig Memorial Trot. There will be no changes to this race and it is in no way affiliated with the New York Program.

The Harness Horse Breeders website ( is also owned and managed by HHBNYS. That said, going forward all NYSS race replays belong to the NYSS program and will be removed from the HHBNYS website.

The HHBNYS anticipates that the Agriculture and New York State Horse Breeding Development Fund or Capitol Hill Management Services (CHMS) will put out a statement in the near future. CHMS will be taking control of all functions on May 1st, 2017. You should contract them for all your needs.

All two- and three-year-old payments have been entered by HHBNYS and those horses are all listed on the NYSS website. Yearling nomination payments can be sent to the address as listed on the forms and our office will forward them to the address provided by the Fund.

The following people are currently providing direction for the program. If you have problems or concerns in the upcoming months please reach out to them for assistance.

  • Peter Arrigenna - Agriculture and NYS Horse Breeding Development Fund Trustee; 585-721-4869

  • Mike Kimelman - Agriculture and NYS Horse Breeding Development Fund Trustee; 845-249-5693

  • Ronald Ochrym - Agriculture Fund Acting Executive Director; 518-388-0178

The office will remain open and will continue to provide services for members. The HHBNYS will continue to solicit your suggestions and comments for the program and will submit them to the Fund for consideration. Our office will also continue to work with Farm Bureau to protect the Agriculture aspects of the breeding industry and lobby on your behalf. It will continue to advocate for the New York wholly owned bill with the hope to obtain its passage this year by the Legislature.

As we move forward and become a true breeder representative for those who choose to breed and participate in the NY Breeders award program we will be providing promotional opportunities on our website. Please check in the near future for more information.

Finally, our board and staff expect to see all of you at the tracks as the racing season gets underway and at the sales in the fall.

We thank everyone who has supported the organization throughout the years and continues to do so today.


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