Announcing the SRF Elitloppet Winner

Published: April 27, 2018 04:15 pm EDT

The annual fundraiser for the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF), the raffle to win a trip to the fabulous Elitlopp race in Sweden, has some terrific history behind it.

First, the winner is Adam Skipper of Hardwick, N.J. The story behind it all starts with the wonderful sponsorship of the trip by Marc and Marci Goldberg, the owners of Arch Madness who is now lovingly retired with them. The winner of the ticket had his name entered by Norman and Carol Birenbaum, who every year contribute a book of tickets for SRF to choose a name of someone who has donated his time to help the 29-year-old organization. Adam Skipper generously took on the effort to repair a horse trailer donated several years ago. He did a great deal of work to make it safe again for use for the horses; it was nearly a complete rebuild.

In speaking with Mr. Birenbaum, he went down memory lane back to 1993 when he owned Wittys Norman, the fastest two-year-old that year, and touched on the days at Roosevelt Raceway. Then he shared the time at Yonkers Raceway when he was handed the lines to drive his own horse, Jolly Blue Chip, who was a "lock" to win. He finished fourth and was afraid the bettors would come after him so he slipped out the back way with a security escort.

The Elitloppet trip includes an airfare voucher and five days and four nights in Stockholm, Sweden for the famous race, several tours both related to the sport, and to the beautiful areas in Sweden.

SRF is feeding and caring for 390 trotters and pacers, all under their expense. This fundraiser helps with these expenses as well as assists with following up the more than 4,000 adoptions made since 1989. Much appreciation is extended to all who have supported it, and to these special folks, the Goldbergs, the Birenbaums, and Mr. Skipper.