On Gait Management Division Announced

Published: April 24, 2017 10:42 am EDT

Entrepreneur and longtime breeder-owner Eric Cherry along with Maurice Chodash, the guiding force behind the innovative ongait.com internet auction and private sales have joined forces with Hall of Fame communicator and breeder Bob Marks to establish the On Gait Management Division (ongaitmanagement.com) which is designed to recruit and navigate owner prospects through the uncharted nuances of standardbred ownership.

Together, the team represents over one century of experience and expertise in all aspects of the Standardbred world. Cherry has owned and raced over 1,000 horses while Marks bred and merchandised over 2,000 horses during his tenure at Perretti Farms and Boardwalk. Thus, On-Gait Management division is uniquely qualified to provide astute guidance in all aspects of racehorse selection while possessing the experience and expertise needed to decipher the ambiguities that often exist between the novice owner and the racing world in general.

According to both Cherry and Marks, “Too often potentially good owners get lost in the shuffle due to miscommunications and/or miscomprehension of the existing situation.”

Cherry continued by saying that horse business rules and procedures can be diametrically different than those of other businesses. Many potentially good owners feel frustrated because the tried and true procedures applicable to their specific professions don’t work in the horse business. As a result, many potentially good owners are lost.

Plans are to acquaint the Thoroughbred world with the unique opportunities Standardbreds provide, especially in the area of race frequency, given the lucrative purse structures afforded by the legally mandated racino sponsorships in key states.

In addition, On Gait Management Division will seek to introduce the internet day trading community to the pulsating excitement and fulfilling opportunities standardbred race horse ownership has to offer.

(On Gait Management Division)