Tioga Honours Flood Relief Staff

Published: November 11, 2011 03:46 pm EST

Tioga Downs has issued a release in which it has stated that it is proud of its maintenance department which tirelessly worked around the town of Nichols weeks after severe flooding impacted the local area


The crew worked from September 11 through the end of October to help local residents clean up what the September 7 flood had left behind. The crew members were the first responders on West River Road that helped clear debris and mud from the roadway to make it passable, and then began further assisting by picking up all of the garbage residents had left on the side of the road and had it removed.

“All the thanks go to the 15-person crew who were out there day-in and day-out helping our local community try to get back to some kind of normal life after what Mother Nature left behind,: said Tioga Downs said Facilities Director Jeff Morrow. "I was just the co-coordinator for the most part in the project, the crew deserves all of the credit and we are all very proud and thankful of everything they have done."

The maintenance department staff is pictured and is as follows: (Bottom row left to right) Randy White, Joe Baldwin, Mike Moon, Jeff Morrow, Randy Clapper. (Top row left to right) Kevin price, John Sill, Zach Short, Ron Blake, Kyle Sitzer, Mike Beavers, Chris Berwald, Wayne Leonard, Archie Haner (Not pictured – Valoree Anderson and Tom Brink)