Live Sports Betting At Fraser Downs?

Published: September 17, 2012 03:45 pm EDT

It has been reported that on Tuesday, September 11 at the Cloverdale and District Chamber of Commerce's luncheon, Jim Lightbody, the BC Lottery Corporation's VP of casino and community gaming, told the crowd that the BCLC has a 'commitment' to bringing live sports betting to Fraser Downs.

An article by the Peace Arch News has quoted CDCC President Brian Young as saying, "They've (the BCLC has) committed to it, they're doing it, and, as long as that happens, we're very happy."

The report states that no timeline has been given for the implementation of sports wagering at the track.

When word of the BCLC's plans to introduce new casino introduced to the Fraser Downs area was received by the CDCC earlier this year, the chamber banded together and stood up for Fraser Downs, which has been an upstanding and contributing member of the local business community for years.

The report has cited Young as saying that with the introduction of sporting wagering to Fraser Downs, the introduction of a proposed south Surrey casino, which is part of a 200-suite hotel and convention centre planned for 10 Avenue and 168 Street, will not offer significant competition to the track.

Young was quoted as saying that the chamber is "only averse to anything that operates to the detriment of Fraser Downs. We like new business – 10 businesses thriving are better than one."

(With files from Peace Arch News)