COSA Supports All-Year Mohawk Racing

Published: August 15, 2017 01:21 pm EDT

On Tuesday, August 15, the Central Ontario Standardbred Association announced that it is in favour of the Woodbine Entertainment Group’s decision to move harness racing to Mohawk Racetrack on a year-round basis.

For more information on WEG’s decision to move to Mohawk on a year-round basis, click here.

The contents of the COSA release appear below.

COSA Supports Year Round Racing At Mohawk

Regarding the recent announcement from WEG on the move to year-round racing at Mohawk, COSA would like to inform its members that the Board of Directors are in favour of this decision.

When the OLG made the decision to open eight new casinos in Ontario, Mohawk was not one of the designated sites. A fear of the WEG management was that without a casino at Mohawk, racing may not be sustainable at that site.

After years of diligent work on Jim Lawson’s part along with the Standardbred Committee on the WEG Board of Directors, (John Fielding, Clay Horner and Doug Millard), he was able to secure a casino at Mohawk along with a 22-year contract. This contract will make certain that racing will be around for a long time at the Mohawk site.

COSA has been at the table with WEG in the planning process for the development of the new Mohawk Park property. Mohawk will need a winterized paddock if we are to race there year round.

COSA supports the move to year round racing at Mohawk in order to sustain harness racing in the province and also looks forward to further meetings with WEG regarding the development of the new Mohawk Park.

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