Greenwood Re-Zoning App. Approved

Published: July 28, 2016 03:57 pm EDT

The City of Toronto has approved a re-zoning application that is related to a proposal that calls for the alteration of Champions Greenwood and the introduction of a live-event venue at the location of the former Greenwood Raceway.

It was previously reported that the application calls for two thirds of the existing teletheatre to be renovated and an addition to be brought to the second floor of the current structure.

An article by the CBC states that the re-zoning has been given the green light, and thus the proposed plans for the venue will get the go-ahead once a site plan is approved and a building permit is issued.

The CBC piece states that the site plan has been submitted to the city and is currently under review.

The proposal outlines that the live venue would be able to host up to 150 live performances a year, and that the facility would be able to hold 2,700 people once it is completed.

(With files from the CBC)