Next Steps For Betterthancheddar

Published: July 16, 2013 11:30 am EDT

It was announced earlier this month that 2012 O'Brien Award winner Betterthancheddar would be retired from racing due to an injury sustained to his left front suspensory in the $500,000 Ben Franklin Pace at Pocono Downs. Now, word has come as to where he will be headed for stallion duty, for now.

Alabar Farms has announced that the multiple stakes winning son of Bettors Delight will be a last-minute addition to the stallions heading to Alabar’s New Zealand farm this season.

Alabar has explained that though it is now too late for the cut-off for the main flight that brings the shuttle stallions down under, Betterthancheddar will be able to make the quarantine for the flight which will land in New Zealand in mid-October.

"The vet said he's really doing good and that with time, he can race again, but I've just decided we're going to stand him at stud," Betterthancheddar's trainer and co-owner Casie Coleman said when she announced 'Cheddar's retirement. "To go to Australia or New Zealand he needs to be in quarantine in Kentucky in mid-September, so that gives me three and a half months to get him healed up."

Alabar has announced that Betterthancheddar will be available in New Zealand at NZ$4,500 (plus GST) and in Australia at AUS$4,950 (including GST).

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