Representing The Breed At Can-Am

Published: April 8, 2015 11:26 am EDT

This past weekend at Can-Am Equine Expo, the Standardbred was on stage for many to see as part of the SSG Extravaganza HorsePower Live Show and Breeder Showcase.

Go and Play Stable star Hillarys ‘BJ’ Conquest was the breed ambassador for event goers to meet and cheer on.

Sarah Waldram and Lori Ferguson rode BJ in the many Ram Truck breed demos throughout the weekend. At night, Waldram rode for the ‘Breed Parade’ in English tack and Lori Ferguson hopped aboard in Western tack for the gaming and finale. The former racehorse remained undefeated in all the fun games throughout the weekend! Waldram and Ferguson were able to showcase the versatility of the breed by showing BJ in both English and Western gear. BJ was also invited to join in future HorsePower Live shows.

Throughout the weekend, BJ was asked to participate in many clinics, including demos with Dr. Steven Allday, the OSPCA and a saddle fitting. Each of the clinicians raved about BJ’s outstanding behaviour.

The Standardrama booth was busy with new and seasoned riders coming to get more information about the group’s show and the Ontario Standardbred Show Series, as well as ways to adopt Standardbreds.

Overall, the event was a complete success, gaining a lot of exposure for off-track and retired Standardbreds and what they can do.

Officials with the Show Series would like to thank its sponsors, Ron and Liz Waples.

Additionally, Standardrama Team Leader Tammi Hughes said, “We also have a new Standardbred fan in Heartland star Amber Marshall.”

(With files from Standardrama)