WDC Field Almost Complete

Published: April 25, 2011 12:55 pm EDT

The field for the 2011 World Driving Championship is almost complete. The missing name is Canada’s representative, which will be the winner of the National Driving

Championship on Saturday, May 7 at Red Shores Racetrack and Casino at Charlottetown Driving Park.

For complete info on the NDC, click here.

To date, the 2011 World Driving Championship field consists of:

  • The reigning World Driving Champion, Birger Jørgensen of Denmark
  • Enrico Bellei of Italy
  • Michael Nimczyk of Germany
  • Björn Goop of Sweden
  • Franck Nivard of France
  • Juan Antonio Riera-Rosello of Spain
  • Chris Lewis of Australia
  • Dexter Dunn of New Zealand
  • Jason Bartlett of the United States

The World Driving Championship is hosted by the United States Trotting Association and will open on Sunday, July 31 and conclude on Friday, August 5. It will be held in conjunction with the 2011 World Trotting Conference, which opens on Thursday, August 4 and closes on Tuesday, August 9.

The schedule for the World Driving Championship is listed below.

Sunday, July 31:
Chester Racetrack

• Opening round (four races)

Monday, August 1
Tioga Downs

• Second round (four races)

Wednesday, August 3
Monticello Raceway

• Third round (four races)

Thursday, August 4

• Fourth round (four races)

Friday, August 5
Yonkers Raceway

• Fifth and final round (four races)