The Complete Package In PEI

Published: April 20, 2010 09:03 am EDT

Think about combining one of the most scenic tourist destinations in North America with a harness racing track that's tied into a world class facility

that also offers fitness, wellness, leisure, dining and other gaming options.

This concept is part of the rejuvenated Red Shores at Summerside Raceway. Lee Drake is today's guest on Trot Radio discussing some of the marketing and promotional work going into the 2010 season in Prince Edward Island.

Drake and Trot Radio's Norm Borg also touch on the new wagering options and how they integrate with the track's other promotions, as well as the similarities between the horseplayer and the poker player and what Drake and his team are doing to try to bridge the two.

Episode 112 - Red Shores' Manager of Marketing Lee Drake

Running Time: 11:40

Audio Format: MP3 audio

Host: Norm Borg