Peculiar Payoff Sparks Investigation

Published: April 1, 2012 01:00 am EDT

The early Daily Double on Friday night's harness racing card at Buffalo Raceway produced a peculiar payout, sparking an investigation into the matter


On March 30, the early Daily Double (Races 1 and 2) paid $2.70 for a $2 wager. This payoff was peculiar because the winning horse in the second race, Ideal Miss, paid $29.80 to win. Immediately following the second race, Buffalo Raceway began a full investigation of this matter with the cooperation of the New York State Racing and Wagering Board (NYSRWB).

It was determined that a professional horse bettor, who resides in Florida, wagered $4,328 straight on the winning combination 4-2. A total of $4,383 was wagered on the winning combination throughout the entire network including $4 at Buffalo Raceway. The bettor who made the wager (Dana Parham's International Software Services) did so through Racing Gaming Services and the United Tote Hub in Louisville. This company is one of several in the United States that uses computerized selection wagering, looking for overlays, and wagers multi-millions annually including virtually every track in the country.

In this case, Buffalo Raceway was informed that there was a malfunction in the computer program, and the wager, which was totally independent from other wagers placed on the race, was placed in error by the bettor. Ironically, it won. It was totally legal and permissible under the wagering rules promulgated by the State of New York.

Buffalo Raceway, in cooperation with Racing Gaming Services and International Software Services, has agreed to add $2,000 to the net pool for the early double on Friday, April 6, 13, and 20.

“This added sum to the net payout will likely increase the payout for the early Daily Double on these three nights by up to 33 per cent. It will be a great opportunity for Daily Double bettors,” said Jim Mango, COO of Buffalo Raceway.

(With files from Buffalo Raceway)