Peck: It's All In The Message

Published: March 7, 2013 04:38 pm EST

"We've got to hit them with a #4 full-swedge steel shoe right square in the jaw and the nose everyday that the province is better off with continuous and economically viable horse racing and breeding."

Many may know Greg Peck as the trainer of record of the great trotter Muscle Hill. What many do not know is that Peck‘s other stock in trade has been that of media consultant for some of the biggest organizations in North America; Exxon Mobile, The Ontario PC Party and The Republican National Committee have been some of his clients.

Peck's argument is that the battle waged with the OLG and provincial government is hitting the wrong notes. He stresses what racing needs to stress; which is to hammer away to the government, in particular Premier Kathleen Wynne, that Ontario with racing is far better off than without it.

"It makes life better for people and communities across Ontario. And if you look at the OLG's mission, for instance, it's about the same thing - that's the irony here. If you look at the mission of the OLG it's to enrich the lives of those that they serve. It hadn't quite been positioned in that manner."

Peck understands that racing may not be an "essential" industry such as health care and education, but understands how racing has contributed to the provincial treasury and its ability to help carry out the essential programs.

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Episode 288 – Greg Peck

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Host: Norm Borg