TVG Fires Roughly 20 Employees

Published: March 28, 2011 02:22 pm EDT

It was confirmed late last week that the Television Games Network, better known as TVG, fired roughly 20 of

its employees. It also seems that four of its on-air personalities may be part of the lot.

A report by the Daily Racing Form has quoted Betfair TVG Chief Executive Stephen Burns as saying that TVG was “restructuring segments of company operations, including streamlining some production roles.”

The DRF article states that although TVG officials acknowledged the firings, the company would not go into any further specifics in regard to the matter.

The report explains that as of late last week, personality profiles for on-air talent Bob Baedeker, Chris Kotulak, Frank Lyons and Frank Mirahmadi were no longer online at the company website.

(With files from the Daily Racing Form)

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