It's Only A Matter Of Time

Canadian harness racing
Published: February 28, 2024 10:41 am EST

Since its inception, harness racing has obsessed over speed. It's only natural given the genesis of the sport is based on having the horse that can complete one mile of distance faster than all the rest.

Track records, national records and world records all provide the bar —  or in this case, the standard — for our equine participants. And as our sport has refined over recent years, those records are broken and re-established with regularity. More than half of the respondents to a Standardbred Canada web poll last year thought Bulldog Hanover's 1:45.4 all-time world record would be matched or broken in 2023.  

In our most recent Standardbred Canada web poll, we've accumulated the 20 oldest world records at the one-mile distance and asked which one will stand the test of time and last the longest.

Which of the 20 oldest one-mile world records do you think will be the last on this list to be broken? Have your say by clicking here.

(Standardbred Canada)

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