Silent Auction Raises $2,500

Published: February 19, 2016 02:00 pm EST

The Silent Auction at this year’s O’Brien Awards raised a total of $2,500 which will go towards an engraved memorial stone for the 43 horses lost in the barn fire at Classy Lane Training Centre.

Standardbred Canada would like to extend their thanks to all of the guests who purchased items and a big thank you to those who made donations to the auction including:

  • Doug Arthur

  • Kim Barnsdale

  • Marni Koelln

  • Vickie Lawrence

  • Mac Lilley Farms

  • Mad Barn

  • Alana Main

  • Kimberley Price

  • Rent Frock Repeat

  • SLS Equine

  • Brian Webster

The stone is part of a larger project that will be coordinated by Greer Landscaping, owned by Teri-Lynn Greer and Doug Bowins, who also own Standardbreds. Greer Landscaping has offered to install a memorial garden including a circular walkway, benches and rose bushes. In the middle of this area would be a large stone engraved with the names of the horses lost in the fire. The company is coordinating the donation of all materials, providing the labour for the project and SC will assist with the funding of the engraved stone.

The plan is to erect this memorial in the spring.

The permanent memorial garden will be a tribute to the lives of the horses and will be coordinated with Barb and Jamie Millier, owners of Classy Lane.

Below is a design of what the garden and memorial would look like.