MacDonell Reflects On Gamsby

Published: February 18, 2015 03:33 pm EST

"He was a benefit to the community of Guelph, that's for sure. He stepped up in every way...People just respected him so much. He was just one of those guys that people looked to for information and experience."

Longtime breeder-owner Doug Gamsby of Guelph, Ont. passed away at the Guelph General Hospital on Saturday, February 7 at the age of 75.

In speaking with Dave Briggs for his racing column in the Guelph Mercury, Paul MacDonell said that Gamsby, who was key in the construction of Grand River Raceway, was “just a super human being.”

Grand River Raceway General Manager Dr. Ted Clarke also spoke about Gamsby, telling Briggs that the founder of Gamsby and Mannerow Ltd. Consulting Engineers was at the track’s Elora, Ont. location “right from the first ditch that was dug."

Dr. Clarke went on to say that Gamsby and his company "developed the site plan and did the earth services. They designed the parking lot and the storm water management system and all that goes into developing a farmer's field."

Dr. Clarke later stated that Gamsby "took care of every detail" on the Grand River Raceway project.

To read the Guelph Mercury column, click here.

(With files from the Guelph Mercury)