USTA Response To 'Big M' Statement

Published: December 29, 2020 02:11 pm EST

Russell Williams, president of the United States Trotting Association, issued a response to a statement made Monday (Dec. 28) by The Meadowlands supporting the recently passed Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act.

The response is as follows:

Mr. Gural’s central message seems to be that he would like to see harness racing brought within the jurisdiction of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA) and that ‘we can modify the law next year to meet our needs, which are considerably different than the Thoroughbreds’ so that we can ‘live with’ HISA.

HISA supporters refused to countenance the slightest modification during more than three years of USTA effort to get something that we could live with. There is no reason to think that next year would be any different.

HISA is unconstitutional and is very unlikely to withstand the legal challenges that will be forthcoming if an attempt is made to apply it to harness racing.