Long Odds For Kentucky Slots

Published: November 15, 2010 03:37 pm EST

Election results in Kentucky have lengthened the odds of a slots-at-tracks bill in the state.

Although Republicans gained votes, horse industry supporters still hope they can muster a vote on a constitutional amendment which would clear the way for the electorate to overcome opposition.

The president of the Senate, David Williams, a Republican, gave some hope when he said the Senate might consider a bill if the Democratic-controlled House passed one.

Williams did not say the Senate would pass one, but he indicated it would depend largely on what such a proposal provided.

Challenging In Mass, Too

Re-elected Democratic governor Deval Patrick said on his return to office that a casinos bill “will be up to the legislature,” and House speaker Robert DeLeo’s ardor for a renewed battle seems diminished.

He says he will prioritize health care ahead of gambling legislation.

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