Discussing The Future In Alberta

Published: October 6, 2011 02:35 pm EDT

Close to 90 people attended an industry planning session on Thursday, September 29 at Northlands Park Expo Centre. All stakeholders were given the opportunity to voice ideas, concerns, feedback and have input into the future of the horse racing and breeding industry in the province

of Alberta.

His worship Mayor Stephen Mandel addressed the industry as a whole. He encouraged the industry to come together as one and remember the strong tradition the industry has in Alberta.

Ms. Sharon Steil (CFO) Horse Racing Alberta reviewed the industry Revenues and Expenses.

Mrs. Susan McCulloch (CPMA) updated the industry on the federal regulations governing the horse racing industry across Canada.

Mr. Gill Hermans (CFO) Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission reviewed the current Gaming and Casino regulations in the province. He also pointed out to the industry the Moratorium is still in place across the province.

Here is a list of the items discussed:

  • HRA must start to do things differently
  • Establish and implement a realistic three-year plan
  • Secure longer term agreements with the tracks
  • Address the current realities and eliminate the uncertainties
  • Total transparency with HRA
  • Secure a Calgary track
  • The industry wants stability
  • Explore immediately a western-based racing circuit

The following were identified as the top three industry concerns:

  • Transparency – communication with industry
  • Stability and certainty - secure long-term track agreements
  • The need for a Calgary racetrack

On Friday September 30, 2011 the HRA board met to analyze all the ideas brought forward by the industry. The HRA board discussed every item of feedback and how each item could be incorporated where possible into the upcoming business plan.

Horse Racing Alberta appreciates the input from all industry members that took time to attend and make recommendations to secure the future of horse racing into the future.

Horse Racing Alberta stated that it will keep all interested parties posted. The next steps are to develop the three-year business plan. This is to be submitted to Alberta's two ministries, and after receiving ministerial approval it will be posted on the HRA website.