Sedins Shift Focus To Horses

Published: October 15, 2012 09:13 am EDT

If the NHL lockout continues, Vancouver Canucks Daniel and Henrik Sedin may just have some free time on their hands to travel overseas with their star trotter.

The twin brothers, who have had recent success in the world of harness racing with 2009 Nat Ray and Maple Leaf Trot starter Amour Ami, purchased a seven-year-old racehorse named Nahar during the summer and are hoping their new trotter can step up in competition as he heads to France to race next Friday.

“It has been unbelievable for us,” Henrik was quoted as saying in a Vancouver Sun article profiling the brothers' affinity for the sport of harness racing. “Really good. He’s travelling down to France as we are speaking right now.”

“In the winter time in Sweden usually the best horses take the time off to work out,” said Daniel. “But in France it’s the other way around, the best horses race during the winter time. So it’s going to be tough down there.

“You have to be a special horse to like [racing] down there because it’s tougher," he continued. "Some the tracks there are uphill and downhill, so it’s not like at home where it’s just a circle."

The siblings, whose hometown of Ornskoldsvik, Sweden hosts a racetrack, also share ownership of a promising three-year-old and two yearlings.

“I think they say it is like three or four per cent who make money at it,” said Henrik, referring to the investment of owning racehorses. “I think overall we’re about even, which is great.”

“A lot of hockey players are into it and I really don’t know why,” added Daniel.

“I think it’s just the excitement,” said Henrik. “I really enjoy horses as animals and just being around them and the lead-up to the race. As a hockey player you are playing games and are a part of them so you are not really nervous about it. But standing on the sideline and watching your horse race, it’s different.”