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Microchipping FAQ - English

Q. When will it be mandatory to have foals microchipped to complete the foal registration?
A. Starting January 1, 2019, freeze branding will no longer be done, all horses needing identification for registration will be microchipped.

Q. I have an older horse who has already been freeze branded, will I have to have him microchipped?
A. If your horse has already been identified, you will not be required to have your horse microchipped, unless the freeze brand is illegible and the horse requires a new identification, this will be done at no cost. If you decide to have your horse microchipped even though its freeze brand is legible, you will be able to do so for a small fee.

Q. Who can implant microchips?
A. SC identification technicians are fully trained to implant microchips. SC technicians will collect hair samples for DNA testing, complete the white markings and colour report and record the microchip number into the SC database at the same time of microchipping. Members can also have their veterinarian implant the microchip supplied by SC; once the microchip has been implanted by the veterinarian the SC technician will then pull hair for DNA testing, scan the microchip to record the number in to SC database and complete the marking report.

Q. Once my foals are microchipped and turned out, how do I identify them without a visible freeze brand or tattoo number?
A. You can scan the horse's neck to find out the microchip number or, if you don't have a scanner, the HomeAgain microchips come with a card and a tag with the microchip number on it. You can write the name of your foal on the card and attach the tag to its halter for easy identification.

Q. Why implanting in the neck location and not the nasal location (upper lip)?
A. The nuchal (neck) location is the practice used internationally in the standardbred industry including the location chosen by the USTA, it is important to be consistent within the industry.

Q. Will the implantation cause pain to my foal?
A. The welfare of the animal is important to SC, the implantation procedure is quick, easy and non-traumatic for the animal. The implant area will be clipped and cleaned and it only take a couple of seconds to insert the needle and the microchip is inserted.

Q. I have heard stories about the microchip migrating after a period of time, should this be a concern?
A. There are no migration concerns as long as the microchip has been properly implanted into the nuchal ligament. Glass-enclosed microchips were prone to movement but the HomeAgain TempScan microchip is encased in an insert micro-capsule made of bio-compatible material. The Bio-Bond enables the animal's tissue to permanently anchor the microchip at the desired anatomical site.

Q. Where can I purchase a scanner?
A. Universal HomeAgain Scanners can be purchased through SC at a discounted price for SC members by contacting SC’s head office. Universal scanners can also be purchased through other channels on the internet but may not display the horse's temperature.

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