New Holland Trot/Pace Series

Sponsor: Woodbine Mohawk Park
Eligibility: NW $150,000 (F&M $175,000) in 2022. No Allowance.
Added Money: $60,000
Province: ON
Raced at: Woodbine Mohawk Park
Leg 1Trot - 30,000
Monday, March 6, 2023
Leg 1 Pace - 30,000
Saturday, March 11, 2023
Leg 2 Trot - 30,000
Monday, March 13, 2023
Leg 2 Pace - 30,000
Saturday, March 18, 2023
Final Trot - 60,000 A
Saturday, March 25, 2023
Final Pace - 60,000 A
Saturday, March 25, 2023
Payment Schedule:
Nomination Fee: $500 February 15, 2023

The Rules of Racing of the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) in effect at the time the race is contested shall

govern this race and any and all entries to the race will be received only with the understanding and on the agreement of

the subscriber that the Rules of Racing govern, and that the following additional conditions apply:

1. At the absolute discretion of Woodbine Entertainment, the entries of any person (including this entry) or the transfer of any

entry (including this entry) may at any time be refused and/or cancelled without either notice or reason being given and without

liabilityexcept for the return of any subscriptions paid on an entry or entries refused and/or cancelled.

2. Subject to the said Rules of Racing, Woodbine Entertainment reserves the right to cancel the race without liability therefore

uponrepayment of all subscription fees, if any, paid on such cancelled race.

3. Woodbine Entertainment reserves the right to change the time and/or place of the race in its absolute discretion, subject, however,to

the Rules and Regulations of the AGCO.

4. It is expressly understood and agreed that the race may, if Woodbine Entertainment so determines in its absolute discretion,

beconducted by a Racing Association other than Woodbine Entertainment, and Woodbine Entertainment shall have the right

toassign, and transfer this entry and all monies paid to it hereunder to such other Racing Association and in such event allobligations,

if any, of Woodbine Entertainment shall terminate.

5. Purse distribution: 50 per cent, 25 per cent, 12 per cent, 8 per cent, 5 per cent, unless otherwise stated in the conditions. Purse

distribution for added money events may be held for a minimum of 15 days.

6. Woodbine Entertainment reserves the right to increase added monies at any time.

7. All races to be a distance of One Mile (1609 M) unless otherwise stated in the conditions.

8. If Eleven (11) horses or fewer declare to start, there will be no eliminations, and all declared horses will advance directly to theFinal.

9. If Twelve (12) or more horses declare to start, races will be contested with two or more eliminations. The finalists from theelimination

will be those horses who finish highest in the official order of finish. Horses tied for the last eligible starting positionor positions

for the final event will be drawn by lot to constitute a ten-horse field. All horses that qualify will advance directly tothe final. If

eliminations are used to determine the finalists, post positions in the final will be determined by an open draw with theexception

that the elimination winners, in an order determined by lot, may choose their post position for the Final. The owner(s),or designated

agent, of each winner must select the post position by a time specified by the Racing Secretary, or that eliminationwinner will be

placed in the open draw with the rest of the Final field.

10. For each series conducted (unless otherwise stated in conditions): the Final event will be limited to ten horses according to thehighest

money earnings in the series. All horses must declare in for the Final. If one of the ten highest money winners fails todeclare in for

the final, the next highest money winner declared will become eligible to the final. If the number of horses tied inmoney earnings for

the last eligible starting position increases the field to more than ten horses, they will be drawn by lot toconstitute a ten horse field.

If enough money winners fail to declare in for the final, starters in the series that are not moneywinners and declared for the final

may increase the field to ten horses, and such horses will be drawn by lot. If there is more thanone division of the preliminary races,

each division will race for 100% of the advertised purse. If there are more than 4 divisionsof a preliminary leg, some divisions may

be carried over to the next racing day.

11. One Also Eligible may be carried on the Final Event.

12. **Ontario Sired means bred by a sire that was registered in the Ontario Sires Stakes program in the year of the breeding. **

13. Minimum of 20 nominations required to fill the series. If less than 20 nominations are received, the event may proceed at

thediscretion of Woodbine Entertainment.

14. U.S. Funds will be accepted at the fees designated on the stake conditions. U.S. funds will be converted to Canadian funds

whendeposited to the bank. U.S. funds will be converted at Woodbine Entertainment’s internally published buying rate for US


15. Woodbine Entertainment may require all horses declared to its races to be on the grounds of Woodbine or Mohawk Racetracks upto

48 hours prior to the race in which such horses are to start. These horses may be placed in a retention barn.

16. All post positions will be drawn by lot unless otherwise stated in the conditions.

17. In series races a leg or a race may be cancelled if less than five separate betting interests are declared to start or due to weather

ortrack conditions. A cancellation of a leg will not affect the running of the remaining legs of the series.

18. All nominated or supplemented horses must be registered as twins that were carried by the natural mother to term, or the only

foalof the dam in any given year, or if produced through embryo/ovum transfer, must be the donor mare’s first born foal in any

given year.

19. No Also Eligible will draw in to race after wagering has opened.

20. A breach of any of these General Racing Conditions and/or any applicable racing rules and policies of Woodbine Entertainmentthat

are in effect at the time of racing may result in fines, suspension of privileges, the loss of any or all nomination fees,sustaining fees

and/or starting fees, and/or eviction from the premises of Woodbine Entertainment.

21. Qualifying standards for all added money events are governed by the Rules of The AGCO.

22. It is suggested that payments be made online at or in person at the Woodbine

Mohawk Park Race Office.
Contact: Woodbine Mohawk Park - Dana Keyes, 9430 Guelph Line., P.O. Box 160, Campbellville, ON, L0P 1B0, Tel: (905) 854-7805, Fax: (905) 854-7828, e-mail: [email protected],website:
Administration: Woodbine Mohawk Park - Dana Keyes, 9430 Guelph Line., P.O. Box 160, Campbellville, ON, L0P 1B0, Tel: (905) 854-7805, Fax: (905) 854-7828, e-mail: [email protected],website: