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There are 96 horses listed on the SC Horses For Sale Board.
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Horse Name Sale Status Sire Damsort icon Selling As Age Sex Gait Date Added Price Value
Saintsbury Lass Big Jim Alba Girl R 3 F P Nov 19/18 $15,000
Allcountry Country Estate All Out Attack R 4 M P Nov 28/18 $10,500
Queenofthejungle Sold Big Jim Allamerican Calico R 5 M P Nov 12/18 $20,000
Stevie Nix-UPDATED! Mach Three Allamerican Damsel R 3 F P Nov 23/18 $5,000 obo
Real Amaretti So Surreal Amaretti R 3 G P Nov 22/18 $10,000 obo
Master Treaty Vintage Master Art Alliance Y 1 C P Nov 14/18 $10,000
Agedchedar Hanover Sold Betterthancheddar Artistic Hanover R 2 G P Dec 7/18 $30,000
Bettim Chris Brandons Cowboy Bettim Amanda R 5 G P Nov 12/18 $7,000 +HST
D Gs Frozen Sold Shanghai Phil Bolero Ultima R 4 M P Nov 21/18 $6,000
Take One To Go Sold Bettors Delight Bon Ton Hanover R 2 F P Nov 26/18 $2,000 +HST
Royalty For Life - Share RC Royalty Bourbon N Grits S 8 S T Nov 15/18 neg
Sandoran Tnt Holiday Road Burn A Debt Y 1 C T Nov 20/18 $10,500
Bid Writer Sold Sportswriter Bust Out The Bid R 4 M P Dec 12/18 $10,000
S R Regal-REDUCED! Dali Cam Heiress Y 1 C P Nov 30/18 $7,500
Tys Little Dream Via Blaze Casters Goal R/B 5 M T Nov 20/18 $10,000 obo
Im A Keepsake Mystery Chase Clintons Keepsake R 4 M P Dec 3/18 $15,000 +HST
Global Cooling Rocknroll Hanover Cool World B 11 M P Dec 5/18 $7,000 +HST
Melanie G Angus Hall Cumin First R 3 F T Nov 26/18 $18,000 obo
Dance Hall Sold Blissfull Hall Dance Me Outside B 16 M P Nov 13/18 $1,800
King of the Ball-REDUCED Sold Heston Blue Chip Datefortheball R 2 G P Nov 16/18 $6,200 +HST
Django Seelster-REDUCED! Big Jim Demi Seelster R 5 G B Dec 3/18 $5,900 +HST
Dream N of Mona If I Can Dream Dimona R 7 M P Nov 15/18 $7,500 obo
J M Duststorm Muscle Mass Dusty Lane Selfish Y 1 C T Nov 14/18 $10,000
Elm Grove Maddy Stonebridge Terror Elm Grove Dallas R 3 F P Nov 21/18 $9,500 obo
Becks Pride-REDUCED! Big Jim Escape Exit R 3 C P Nov 24/18 $7,500 +HST
Jet Grey Big Jim Evening Jet R 3 G P Nov 26/18 $25,000
Rockin Party Ameripan Gigolo Fox Valley Shadow R 3 G P Dec 7/18 $20,000
Tinas War Mutineer Gvs Villantina R 7 M T Dec 10/18 $7,500 +HST
Sicario Sold Holiday Road Gypsy Balance R 3 G T Nov 26/18 $27,000
Alamode Albert Albert Heaven To Kiss B 17 M P Nov 20/18 $4,000 +HST
Woodmere Ceilidh Sold Articulator Highland Dancer R 3 F P Dec 4/18 $23,000
Hope And Faith Sold Mach Three Hope For Life R 5 M P Nov 23/18 $10,000
Beach Cloud-UPDATED! Classic Card Shark I Love The Beach R 3 C P Nov 22/18 $12,000 +HST
I Wanna Be Geared Geartogear I Wanna Be Queen R 9 G P Nov 19/18 $7,500
Machsnotafraid Sold Mach Three Im Not Afraid R 3 G P Nov 28/18 $15,000 +HST
Little Red Chev-REDUCED! Duke Of York Incredible Mother R 8 M T Nov 21/18 $25,000 +HST
At The Helm Well Said Indulge Me R 4 G P Nov 21/18 $5,500 +HST
Island Blue-REDUCED! Santanna Blue Chip Island Hussy R 8 M P Dec 3/18 $6,000 +HST
Bam Bam Betty Sold Ok Boromir Its About Timing R 2 F P Nov 12/18 $5,000 obo
Sports Highlights Sportswriter Jeggins R 3 F P Dec 3/18 $10,500 obo
Sven A Justice Justice Hall Jimoris Saranade R 2 C T Nov 22/18 $24,000 neg
Justacruising Cornaro Dasolo Jolie Glide Y 1 C T Nov 20/18 $18,000 obo
Jayport Buddy Muscle Mass Kash Echo R 4 G T Dec 12/18 $15,000 +HST
Majestics Titan-REDUCED! E L Titan Keris Majstc Dream Y 1 F T Nov 21/18 $13,000 +HST
Lady Lou Dream Sold Lis Mara Lady Of Art R 7 M P Nov 26/18 $6,500 neg
Rock Be A Lady Rocknroll Hanover Lucks Mistress B 7 M P Dec 5/18 $9,000 +HST
Future King Sold Angus Hall Maggies Legacy R 4 G T Nov 26/18 $7,500 +HST
Song of Solomon Johnny William Mambo Number Five R 4 H T Nov 16/18 contact
Stella Maris Johnny William Mambo Number Five R 3 F T Nov 16/18 contact
Sportsillustrator Sportswriter Matt N Mouse R 6 M P Nov 22/18 $8,000 +HST
P H Hippie Sportswriter Miracle Luck R 3 G P Nov 12/18 $25,000 +HST
Worth Avenue Sold Artsplace Mmissus Hanover B 16 M P Dec 5/18 $6,000 +HST
Mrs Bailey Sold Sportswriter Ms Harrington B 3 F P Dec 4/18 $4,000
Articulator Artiscape Naraculous S 18 S P Nov 21/18 contact
Brave Magic Jeremes Jet Ok Bravo R 4 G P Nov 20/18 $9,500
R Sunshine Girl Sunshine Beach Outtathewheelhouse R 2 F P Nov 30/18 $6,000
P L Lightning Badlands Hanover P L Firstlady R 3 F P Nov 23/18 $20,000 neg
P C Glideline Glidemaster PC Silentseduction R 3 F T Dec 10/18 $22,000 +HST
P C Silent Drive Cornaro Dasolo PC Silentseduction R 4 G T Dec 10/18 $20,000 +HST
Sir Native Allamerican Native Private Splendor R 4 M P Dec 11/18 $9,500 +HST
Tinkerbella Shadow Play Racy Gal R 3 F P Nov 29/18 $20,000
Aptitude Sold Broadway Hall Rare Gift R 3 G T Nov 12/18 $12,000 +HST
Cavalier George Johnny William Right Back At You Y 1 C T Nov 13/18 $18,000 +HST
All Around Dragon Sold Dragon Again Ring Around Rosie R 2 G P Dec 7/18 $10,000 +HST
Face With Love Johnny William Rose of Mali Y 1 C T Nov 12/18 $10,000 +HST
Terrace Beach Sunshine Beach Rose Seelster Y 1 F P Nov 21/18 $21,500 +HST
Aim For The Sky Badlands Hanover Roxanna Hanover R 3 F P Nov 20/18 $7,000
Scottish Light Sold Articulator Sassy Little Shark R 3 F P Dec 5/18 $10,000 obo
One Again Dragon Again Scylla Hanover R 2 F P Dec 6/18 $10,500
Jims Great Big Jim Shes The Greatest R 3 C P Nov 13/18 $22,500 +HST
R V Lebron Sold And Away We Go Sierra Flower K R 2 C B Nov 24/18 $6,500 +HST
Famous Earl-REDUCED! Sportswriter Simply Mavelous R 3 G P Nov 12/18 $5,000 +HST
Smile By The Beach Sunshine Beach Smile By A Mile Y 1 F P Nov 15/18 $25,000 obo
Zorgwijk Sophia Sold Majestic Son Southwind Lustre R 3 F T Nov 19/18 $20,000
Northern Rebel Sold Sportswriter Southwind Madonna R 3 C P Nov 21/18 $12,000
Silverhill Misty Proven Lover Southwind Miranda R 3 F P Dec 11/18 $17,000 +HST
Ezee Tiguan Angus Hall Spare Time Rozie R 3 F T Nov 19/18 $20,000
Medium Sam Angus Hall Stonebridge Lure Y 1 C T Nov 18/18 $15,000 +HST
Bet On Me-UPDATED! Bettors Delight Sunone R 3 F P Nov 12/18 $7,500
Last Time To Play Sold Western Terror Susurrus Hanove R 4 M P Dec 3/18 $15,000
Ebony Shadow Shadow Play Sweet Celebration R 3 F P Dec 11/18 $5,000 bo
Hold Your Hat-REDUCED! Modern Art Time N Again R 10 H P Nov 30/18 $3,500 obo
Liberty Elle Sportswriter Tipsy Taters R 3 F P Dec 3/18 $8,000
Sporty Mustang Sold Sportswriter Tistoritwo R 3 G P Nov 12/18 $12,000 US
Fast Glider Sold Glidemaster Too Fast For Math R 3 G T Nov 30/18 $12,000
Tracis Union Sold Perfect Union Tracis Free Ride W C P Dec 4/18 $2,000
Pureform Pandora Valet Victory Triptronic Hanover R 8 M B Dec 3/18 $8,500
Bred For Greatness Sold Federal Flex Wendy Woo R 4 G T Dec 3/18 $25,000 +HST
S R Willpower-REDUCED! Badlands Hanover Whitesand Merlot R 2 G P Nov 30/18 $7,000
S R Bazinga-REDUCED! Badlands Hanover Whitesand Merlot Y 1 C P Nov 30/18 $9,000
Whistler Stonebridge Terror Whitesand Whisper W C P Nov 20/18 $7,500 obo
Old Buck Sold Ameripan Gigolo Whitesand Whisper R 5 G P Nov 29/18 $20,000 obo
Arsenal De Chafra Power Park Winbak Honey R 3 G P Nov 26/18 $5,000
Classic Smiley Classic Card Shark Windmachine R 3 F P Nov 23/18 $6,000
Meteorite Sold Credit Winner World Class Image R 3 G T Dec 3/18 $20,000 +HST
Yokomotion Sold Justice Hall Yoko Hanover R 3 F T Nov 13/18 $11,000 obo

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