Meadowlands To Emulate Woodbine?


The Woodbine Entertainment Group has been pulling off the impressive feat of hosting cards of both live standardbred and thoroughbred racing at one track on the same day

for years now. According to a report, the Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey may be trying its hand at the practice in the future, as well.

Bob Jordan has penned an article in today's edition of the Asbury Press which states that the New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association has made a bid to lease Monmouth Park which is similar to last year's offer from Morris Bailey.

The NJTHA offer would reportedly see Monmouth host 51 live race cards for thoroughbreds from mid-May to Labour Day.

The report has cited NJTHA President John Forbes as saying that his organization is looking to have a total of six cards of live thoroughbred racing at the Meadowlands on dates which the 'Big M' is also hosting evening cards of live harness racing.

Forbes was also cited as saying that the offer would also call for an additional 14 cards of live thoroughbred racing to be hosted at either Monmouth or the Meadowlands in the fall.

Forbes was quoted as saying, “We hope to have an answer this week. We’re eager to begin preparing for the 2012 meet, which is coming up fast.”

(With files from the Asbury Park Press)

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Makes no sense....Jeff Gural has stated he is not interested in thoroughbred racing at all. He has said that he is in harness racing and as no interest banking/rebanking and grading the track etc etc...too much $$$$ Im a bit confused because this contradicts all Ive read about Jeff Gural and the "NEW" meadowlands...

Just a question - Does The Meadowlands have separate Standardbred and Thoroughbred tracks like Woodbine has? It'd be kinda tough to convert a single track back and forth each double day!
I've often thought that Woodbine should run combined cards with Harness and Running races alternating on the same card. After all they have separate tracks and separate paddocks so it wouldn't be too chaotic and there'd sure be lot's of time to run a harness race in all that dull time with nothing happening between the running races!
Could alternate between afternoon and night post times. Be a bit of a change from the same-old same-old and just might gain a few cross-over fans both ways!