Phillips Joins Godfrey At Postmedia

On Wednesday, February 5, the Postmedia Network announced that former Ontario Lottery and Gaming president and CEO Rod Phillips has been appointed as the Chair of the Board of both Postmedia Network Canada Corp. and its subsidiary, Postmedia Network Inc.

Postmedia also announced on Wednesday that Martin Nisenholtz has been appointed as a director of the Boards of Postmedia Network.

"On behalf of our Board and the senior executive team we welcome both Mr. Phillips and Mr. Nisenholtz to Postmedia," said Paul Godfrey, President and CEO. "These appointees bring impressive experience in business transformation and modernization and are both experts on matters of industry evolution."

A release by Postmedia states that Phillips and Nisenholtz have been appointed to serve until the next annual meeting of shareholders and that the appointments are effective immediately.

On January 22, the OLG announced that it had accepted a letter of resignation from Phillips so that he can take on a new role in the private sector.

On May 16, 2013, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne fired Godfrey from his position as the Chair of the OLG.

(With files from Postmedia)


We just thank Mr. Godfrey for taking Phillips off our hands, tho sooner would have been better. He probably realized that Phillips was probably not getting the control they hoped for at OLG . I think Wynne is onto them!