Pro-Racino Motion Coming In Sudbury

It is expected that at council meeting on Tuesday, May 13, Sudbury Councillor Claude Berthiaume will introduce a Notice of Motion, which calls for local casino gaming to only be conducted at Sudbury Downs.

News of the Notice of Motion comes courtesy of an article by The Sudbury Star.

The article states that Berthiaume’s Motion is the result of the Ontario Auditor General’s special report on the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.’s gaming modernization plan and the cancellation of the Slots at Racetracks program.

In her report, Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk determined that the OLG’s 2012 plan to modernize the OLG and generate higher profits for the province was “overly ambitious” and “overly optimistic.”

(With files from The Sudbury Star)