Rosecroft Slots To Referendum?

The Prince George's County Council opted to table a re-zoning bill in regard to expanded gaming this week, but, according to a report, the council did push for state legislators to pass a bill which would also bring the expanded gaming issue to state referendum next fall


An article by The Washington Post explains that many politicians and residents in the area are against the idea of expanded gaming coming to Rosecroft Raceway, but there are also some that state that the possibility of a positive economic impact is hard to ignore.

Council member Mel Franklin was quoted as saying, “I believe that this conversation is premature. I don’t like slots, but I like the idea of laying off teachers less.”

Franklin went on to say, “Reasonable, intelligent minds can disagree,” and that, “this is all happening in the backdrop of our dire fiscal outlook in Prince George’s County.”

(With files from The Washington Post)

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