Double Standard In Breathalyzer Rules?

It is well known that there are consequences for horsepeople when they fail their pre-race breathalyzer tests, be it fines, suspensions, etc. According to a report, a particular racing judge failed to take a breathalyzer test at least seven times in 2008 and no fine or suspension was ever issued


News of the missed tests comes via an article by The Indianapolis Star. The report states that former steward Gary Wilfert -- who resigned last year after it was revealed that he had made calls to a phone sex service from his state-issued phone -- was the one that failed to take the breathalyzer tests on multiple occasions.

The article cites Indiana Horse Racing Commission Executive Director Joe Gorajec as saying that there were mitigating circumstances in Wilfert's case. He said Wilfert didn't take the tests because of time constraints between helping in the licensing office and taking his position for the first race.

Jim Hartman, who was appointed by the governor to the Indiana Thoroughbred Breed Development Committee, was quoted as saying that if the same situation applied to an average horseperson, he/she "would have been prosecuted to the fullest extent" of the commission's power.

State legislators will meet today at 4:00 p.m. in the statehouse to examine the regulation of horse racing.

(With files from The Indianapolis Star)

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