Trainer Admits EPO Use

Roughly one month ago, Harness Racing Victoria and Racing Victoria announced that they would be actively combating the use of EPO after the organizations detected

its presence in 'down under' racing. According to an article today by the Herald Sun, a prominent trainer has admitted to using the substance.

During an inquiry, which reportedly lasted six hours and took several strange twists, trainer Alan Donohoe said he used EPO on three of his horses -- Bailey Bromac, Jimmy Jazzalong and Disco Lemonade -- but didn't get the results he desired.

"These horses didn't improve, in fact I was flat out winning a race," Donohoe was quoted as saying.

The Herald Sun article explains how Donohoe has named names in the particular EPO. The individuals named by Donohoe have denied all involvement in the situation.

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(With files from the Herald Sun)

EPO Investigations Down Under