Woodbine, Derby Games Strike Deal

Woodbine Entertainment Group and Derby Games, the leading developer of online pari-mutuel horse racing games in North America, are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative and engaging wagering platform that will offer Canadians a new way in which to experience the rush and excitement of live horse racing.

Based in New York, Derby Games, which has enjoyed immense popularity throughout the United States through its full complement of regulated online games, has attracted hundreds of thousands of new players to the sport of horse racing. The partnership with WEG heralds the first time Derby Games has extended its offerings to players outside the U.S., via a five-year partnership that delivers online horse racing games which showcase WEG’s world-class Thoroughbred and Standardbred live cards.

“Woodbine Entertainment Group is thrilled to partner with Derby Games to offer a truly innovative wagering product to the Canadian market,” said Kevin Maharaj, senior manager of HPIbet & Simulcast Development. “With the introduction of Derby Jackpot, it enables WEG to engage a new segment of the wagering market and spark their interest in our great sport.”

Derby Jackpot, the company’s first game, launched in 2013, makes betting on and watching live horse races a fun, simple, and social experience available on mobile phones and computers. It delivers the fun of horse racing to the broader market of gamers with the opportunity to win real money on hundreds of horse races a day throughout the year.

“We are really excited to be working with the Woodbine team,” said Tom Hessert, CEO & co-founder, Derby Games. “The HPIbet platform offers a great user experience to horse racing fans, with cutting edge technology. Adding Derby Games will help attract new, younger players to the sport by introducing them to the excitement of live horse betting. Derby Jackpot is a social, easy way to bet on horses that is tailored to Millennials and other first-time bettors."

Derby Jackpot will be available to Ontario residents only at launch and will be introduced to other Canadians markets afterwards.

(WEG / Derby Games)