Commission To Combat ‘Gene Doping’

It has been reported that a test to detect ‘gene doping’ in racehorses is close to being introduced.

An article by The Australian explains that Racing New South Wales is close to introducing the technology, dubbed ‘the Equine Biological Passport.’

The organization’s chief, Peter V’landys, has commented on the technology. The report by The Australian has quoted V’landys as broadly telling those that manipulated genes that “We will catch you.”

While explaining gene doping, V’landys used an equine gene for muscle inflammation as an example. He stated that the particular gene could be manipulated so that horses can overcome the natural pain barrier and put themselves in the position of facing a catastrophic breakdown.

V’landys then discussed the gene for muscle growth. He explained that, in theory, if the gene was altered a racehorse could develop muscle 20 to 50 times more than normal.

“Gene doping is another example of cheats developing new methods ¬intended to avoid traditional testing procedures,” V’landys was quoted as saying.

“The Equine Biological Passport represents a major futuristic initiative which keeps the racing industry ahead of the game when it comes to integrity.”

(With files from the The Australian)