Manitoba Ladies Raise Funds For Cancer

The Manitoba Standardbred Sires and Breeders Association (MSSBA) and the Manitoba Harness Horseman Inc. (MHHI) wrapped up their 2013 racing season with a Powder Puff and auction.

The racing season concluded with 10 ladies taking the reins in two Powder Puff races to raise money for breast cancer.

Tickets were sold to fans for $5 each and the winning tickets for each winning horse went in a draw for $25 per race.

The winning drivers in each event received $100 that was kindly donated by the MSSBA and Dean Rey.

Nicole Fontaine and Aline Hildebrandt were the winning drivers, but a good time was had by all the ladies.

The auction portion of the fundraiser took place at the annual awards night held November 30. A hot pink feed tub, halter and water pail set was purchased by Val Isman, and a collage of all the ladies that participated in the Powder Puff was donated by Nicole Giesbrecht and purchased by Sherri and Paula Mason.

In total, $850 was donated to the Central Plains Cancer Care Services. These funds go to help patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

Many thanks to the organizers of this successful fundraiser.

(With files from the MSSBA and MHHI)


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