Premier Wynne To Attend Cup Night

Premier Kathleen Wynne will be in attendance at Mohawk Racetrack on Saturday evening, according to her Saturday itinerary distributed by the Office of the Premier.

Premier Wynne is scheduled to deliver remarks to the media at the Pepsi North America Cup at the Campbellville, Ont. oval at 7:20 p.m.

According to the advisory, she will not be available for questions from the media or the public.

(With files from the Office of the Premier)



I do hope the fans and horsemen/women welcome her and show her how decent we all are and how important this industry ..I hope the story in the media is postive and encouraging..

Correct me if Im wrong but a premier attending the NA cup , isn't this a first???? Good on her for seeing what this race means to Ontario and the standard bred industry.. Now hope her party can come up something positive for racing........

I hope the fans come out in droves to show P-Wynne just how important the sport of harness racing is to Ontario :)
We will be enjoying the incredible fields of racing from the Maritimes cheering on your success (And our faves) which ultimately is a Canadian success. Have a great night everyone and a safe night for all of the horses and drivers :)

We have all learned the hard way how much politicians have a 'say' in our industry and our day to day lives. This could only be a good thing that Premier Wynne attends tonights races. Our industry failed miserably in keeping the politicians in the loop and informed on our industry and it's benefits.
One way to keep them in the loop would be to rename the North America cup the Premier's Cup and have the Premier present the trophy annually to the winner just like the Queen's Plate does with the Queen. I find that North America Cup does not bolster any form of advertising or do anything for the province.
This way the Premier can witness first hand what our sport is all about.

Someone should be sure to get her to the paddock so she can see how much goes into racing.

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