Pro-Racino Entity Part Of Downtown Hamilton Casino Push

On Monday, February 4, plans were officially unveiled for a proposed casino expansion project in Hamilton, Ont. It was confirmed during the announcement that one of the groups involved in the project is Hard Rock International, which is currently in the midst of a racino venture with an existing racetrack in Ohio.

The Hamilton casino expansion is a joint venture between companies that have come together to be known as 'RockHammer Inc.' Besides the casino, the expansion will hold a music theme and will feature a hotel, bars, restaurants, a music venue and some sort of music museum.

As an article by the CBC explains, Carmen's Group co-owner P.J. Mercanti spoke at the invitation-only event. Mercanti told the crowd in attendance at Hess Village's Sizzle nightclub that the proposed downtown Hamilton casino expansion will "…become one of the marquee entertainment districts in Ontario, and will welcome people from all over the province and conventioneers from all over the country and around the world.”

Mercanti, referring to the city of Hamilton, stated that "We may have built this city on steel, but we will rebuild this city on rock 'n' roll."

In late January, Hard Rock International officially announced its eagerness to align itself with the horse-racing industry in Ohio when it trumpeted its involvement with Northfield Park for its first 'Rocksino' racino location.

In the official announcement for the Rocksino endeavour, Hard Rock International Chief Marketing Officer Jim Allen said "The Hard Rock International team looks forward to launching the 'Rocksino' property name, as it represents an own-able and fresh trademark for our brand. After testing the name with consumers, both gamers and non-gamers, we found the new trademark is perfectly aligned with the Hard Rock brand, and highlights both our one-of-a-kind gaming offerings and our focus on music and entertainment."

Hamilton City Council has been a staunch supporter of expanding the existing slot-machine gaming area of Flamboro Downs into a casino instead of giving the green light for a casino expansion in the downtown core. The issue has been a polarizing one in the Hamilton for months now, and Council will be making a decision on the hot-button issue in the near future.

When asked by the CBC what RockHammer Inc. would do if casino expansion is not allowed in Hamilton's downtown core, Mercanti was quoted as saying, "We would explore any scenario that would allow us to achieve our objectives," and that “obviously, if there is a Council 'No' vote to a downtown casino, then we would examine how that would impact our investment opportunity.”

(With files from the CBC)


WE sure do need an American owned and operated casino in downtown Hamilton to siphon off the profits and leave the taxpayers to pay the direct costs and indirect costs! PUKE!!

Almost 53 years to the day Rock and Roll really died..with Holly, Valens and the Big Booper
Not the greatest analogy

"conventioneers from all over the country and around the world"....what is this guy smoking?????

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