Clearview Doesn't Want To Host OLG

It has been reported that on Monday, November 12, Clearview Township, which is located in Gaming Zone 7 under the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.'s controversial gaming modernization plan, voted against declaring itself a willing host community for the OLG's gambling expansion vision.

The news comes courtesy of a report by which explains that even though Clearview Council voted against being a host municipality, it did vote against a resolution that a new casino should not be located anywhere in the C7 zone.

The article explains that earlier this year, each of the municipalities in the C7 zone signed a memorandum of understanding stating that explorations would be undertaken to devise a revenue sharing formula between each of them if gaming expansion is ultimately introduced to C7.

“Every councillor spoke from the heart. They have listened to the community," the report has quoted Clearview Mayor Ken Ferguson as saying. "And I’m glad, No. 1, that they did not vote for having one in Clearview, which to me is a no-brainer, and, No. 2, I think they respected my initiatives right from the get-go of working through this process as a region and treating it as a region and not trying to separate us.”

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Good decision Clearview.It's obvious the members of that Council have a very "Clearview' of the corruption and shanannigans of the OLG.Let's hope that many other municipalities in Ontario can also see through the garbage that Godfrey and Phillips are trying to spread..

Divide and conquer thats the governments stongest weapon. Being native we have seen it for 200 years.Our only hope left is for the municipal politicians,who have no political affiliation, to not be blinded by greed and do whats right for the communities involved.Those that have already capitulated will be sorry when OLG writes them a cheque for only a portion of what they are getting now since they get only slot revenue and 30-40% of revenue leaves the community and heads to the USA. The slots will suffer a loss of income due to other forms of gambling to be offered at the new casinos, and with the saturation of casinos available the OLG begins to cannabilize itself.

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