Quick Look At Ontario Gaming Headlines

Various news items regarding the provincial gaming industry and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.'s controversial gaming modernization plan have come to light in the past few days. The items range from Toronto Councillors commenting on the possibility of casinos, to confusion over revenue-sharing pacts, to the announcement of a public consultation meeting.

A report by the Toronto Sun has quoted Toronto Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, a pro-casino figure, as saying that if a full Council vote were taken today in regard to allowing casinos in the city the item would not pass. The article quoted Mammoliti as saying, "…if that vote were taken today, we would lose on the council floor. There won’t be a casino if this vote is taken today.”

An item by the Brantford Expositor regarding a revenue-sharing agreement between the City of Brantford and the OLG explains that there are some issues between the two parties. Councillors with Branford have stated that terms of the agreement are unclear and the OLG is not willing to amend the agreement to clear things up. In regard to the agreement itself, the article has quoted Councillor Dan McCreary as saying, "I don't know what it means," and that, "this is a master-servant relationship where the OLG dictates what we're going to get and we just put it in the bank." The OLG requires the document to be signed by December 1, and the article explains that under the terms of the agreement the OLG would have the ability to get out of the contract with only 30 days notice.

An article by therecord.com has informed residents of Woolwich Township that a public consultation meeting regarding casino expansion has been slated to take place Tuesday, November 20. As the report explains, the meeting at the Woolwich Memorial Centre will start at 6:00 p.m. with a presentation to council. The meeting will be open to the public following that presentation.

(With files from the Toronto Sun, Brantford Expositor and therecord.com)


30 day out clause by OLG. If municipalities can't see the sneaky out they took with racing the are foolish. The OLG can cancel in 30 days, what municipality will go for that with OLG track record

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