Voice Concerns In Wellington County

Concerned members of Wellington County's equine community are urged to attend a meeting tonight (Tuesday, May 29), which has been specifically called to hear local feedback regarding the pending crisis caused by the Ontario Liberals' decision to axe the slots-at-racetracks


The topic has been a hot one in the county, which announced the meeting earlier this month due to unprecedented concern from the equine industry.

At this time, Wellington County Warden Chris White was quoted as saying that he will likely ask the province, "Why not leave the existing structure (SAR Program) in place?" instead of adopting its highly controversial gaming modernization plan.

The report also cited White as saying that he will probably approach the government by saying, "You might not have all the information," and that the Ontario Liberals maybe should "do a little more homework" do to the enormity of the negative fallout to province's vast rural sector.

The meeting, hosted by the Wellington County Council and its Economic Development Committee, will take place at Aboyne Hall Wellington Museum and Archives, 0536 Wellington Rd. #18, Fergus, Ont. from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.



Andrea and Tim have both read the budget. There were hidden items in the budget that Tim in particular did not agree with. So his reply was "NO". Andrea it appears thought that she could get some of these things changed. With Dwight Duncan and Dalton MCGinty it is not going to happen. Time for the Liberals of Ontario to go down. We will see what happens in Kitchener Waterloo. Bruce T. Winning

Why say "you might not have all the information" They DON'T have all the information!!!!!!!!

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