Minor Wants Tracks, Not Slots

"I do not want slots, I would not take slots. If someone put slots across the road from me, I will sue them," said Halsey Minor, who last week announced his desire to obtain Frank Stronach's horse racing entity Magna Entertainment Corp.

In his announcement last week, Minor had stated that he wanted to absorb the $268.2 in loans that Magna Entertainment Corp. currently owes MI Developments Inc., and also take over the struggling racing giant.

Minor's recent comments have come on wbaltv.com, where he was also quoted as saying, "I don't understand why a state with as storied a history as Maryland would defile itself with a whole bunch of Atlantic City spread all throughout the state."

Last week Minor stated that Stronach's approach to reinvigorating his racetracks have been "an utter disaster."

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(With files from wbaltv.com)