OHHA Appeals ORC Ruling

The Ontario Harness Horse Association has appealed Ontario Racing Commission Ruling No. SB 127/2011, issued by the executive director on September 8, 2011, which ordered OHHA to pay $100,000 to the commission on the basis that this was a condition of OHHA’s 2005 purse account manager’s licence

. This amount represents compensation for costs arising from an inquiry and investigation conducted by the commission in 2004.

OHHA’s position is that the ruling should be set aside because:

  1. OHHA did not ultimately accept and exercise a purse account manager’s licence in 2005, and there was no licence term in effect requiring payment of $100,000;
  2. the amount is not properly owing as compensation for costs of an inquiry or investigation; and
  3. at no time, prior to 2011, did the commission take the position that OHHA was in default of any payment obligation.

The hearing will be held on Monday, December 19, 2011, starting at 8:00 a.m., at the offices of the Ontario Racing Commission.


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