Embattled Veitch Fired In Kentucky

It has been reported that John Veitch, chief steward of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, has been fired from his position with the state regulator


An article by The Courier-Journal has cited a state spokesman as saying that Veitch was fired yesterday (Monday, November 28).

The KHRC has still not ruled on Veitch, who was facing a five-year suspension and is still facing $50,000 in fines relating to the situation at the 2010 Breeders' Cup where second post-time choice Life At Ten raced in the Breeders' Cup Ladies Classic.

The KHRC alleged that Veitch did not do his job in assessing and dealing with the John Velazquez-ridden mare in the BC Ladies Classic. Minutes before the dash, Velazquez had gone on the record during a live ESPN broadcast as saying that his filly was not warming up the way she usually did. The filly ended up racing unbelievably flat in the contest and was well distanced at the wire.

2010 Breeders' Cup Ladies Classic

The Courier-Journal report has cited KHRC Spokesman Dick Brown as saying that 'no reason was given for the firing' and that he declined further comment.

According to the report, Brown did say that Brice Rick Williams, an accredited steward, will be the acting replacement for Veitch.

(With files from The Courier-Journal)

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Well said Mr. Steele! We need more like you. If only we had responsible people in the Industry or at least those who would hold them responsible instead of trying to sweep the problems under the rug!

Unbelievable its took a year to come to a decision and we're worried about family reputations if you read the threads. In all the hearings stories wrote, broadcasts aired, NOT ONCE HAS THE PLAYER been mentioned. They can all say what they like about Johhny V... I was in the paddock when he started complaining the horse is not right ..... that made me go and cancel my bet and get on the phone to warn all and sundrie to do the same. The horse took a lot of money from all over the world. Kudos to ESPN for mentioning it live.... it was no surprise at all to see it being tailed off. Just follow the rules in place and all will be taken care of. Instead we are worrying about reputations and putting the vet under pressure at the gate to make a decision. That's why he is there and you have stewards to make the decision. The KRC should be made to pay back all the wagering money lost by the players that did not have a chance.