Track Slashes Food, Beer Prices

Many would agree there is nothing better than good food and a cold beverage when you are out at the racetrack. Although, the prices for such items often cause many to raise an eyebrow. One track is rolling its prices back


According to a report on, Saratoga Race Course will be "significantly" reducing prices on many of its most popular food and beverage items.

The report explains that the least expensive domestic beer available at the track in 2010 was a 20 oz. Coors Light for $6.75. This year a 12 oz. domestic will sell for $3. In 2010, the least expensive imported beer was a 16 oz. Heineken for $8 dollars. This year a 12 oz. imported beer will sell for $4.

Although, the price of suds are not the only things being reduced, as lemonade will be a dollar less (regularly $4.50, now reduced to$3.50), and popcorn will be $3.75 instead of $4.50.

The report also explains that the cost of a new value combo, in which patrons can get a hot dog or slider along with chips and a drink, will be an affordable $5.

The report quoted Stacy Marcelli, a mother of two kids, as saying, "I think it will make it affordable for all families to be able to go out and enjoy the track, and enjoy the season, without you having to borrow from Peter to pay Paul."

Another quoted in the report, Bob Marchese, went as far as to say, "It's a good idea. I think then entire country should follow this example."

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Well they reduced the price of food and drink, although that is a positive and better then nothing it is hardly going to turn around a dying industry. They need to deal with that 800 lb gorilla in the room and reduce the price of the track takeout. That is what will bring back gamblers like me who have walked away from the game, reducing food prices will not bring back gamblers, so in the long run it will make little difference.

NHL teams charge ridiculous food/drink prices because they can. Race tracks should be going the other way....offer the best value for the competitive entertainment dollar. Bravo to Saratoga....will be there next week.

Sonny Jewit

Pretty sure at Mohawk 3 dollars and 5 cents for a pop. Walk into the casino and its free pretty clear picture why people patronize the casino.

Good luck

Don Patrick

If only WEG would follow suit. I seldom eat at their tracks, based on principle alone.
A glass of fountain pop (which can't cost them more than 10 cents) is over $ 3.00 after tax in the dining room or lounge. It is not even included in the cost of the buffet, you have to PAY EXTRA !

A particular large Canadian racetrack operator should take note. Paying 9 dollars for a beer that cost 2 dollars at the liquor store is a slap in the face!

Too bad all of the Ontario tracks wouldn't take a long look at what they are charging for food and drinks. Most are unaffordable for a family to even consider eating at the track.