Help Name Winbak Foals

Every year hundreds of foals are born at Winbak Farm and they all have one thing in common: they need a name. This year, Winbak Farm is letting fans submit their ideas


It all started with an orphan colt out of the prestigious mare, Classic Wish. The Thomsons decided to let the fans submit their name ideas for the brother of No Pan Intended and Bettors Delight. The 10 people that participated in the Classic Wish colt-naming contest won a Winbak Farm hat. Those people are Stephen Taylor (Ohio), Ashley Misner (Ohio), Deb Wisker (New York), Betty-Jean Rubeo (Ontario), Moira Sullivan-Fanning (New Jersey), Cole Wimmer (New York), Jo Ellen Batchelder (New Jersey), 'Pup' Robert Mitchell (Australia), Lindsey Deblock Sinclair (Ontario), and Mark Capik (New Jersey).

With over 70 names submitted for the contest, the Thomsons decided to let the fans name one of their mini-horse colts. The result was a list of around 100 names, bigger than the colt himself.

Due to the popularity of the contests, the Thomsons have decided to welcome fans to keep submitting their name choices. There are several foals of both genders and gaits still looking for names.

If you have any name ideas for Winbak’s 2011 foals, please send them to:
[email protected] or on Winbak Farm’s Facebook page.


• Armbro Deuce--Ms Dasher
• Armbro Deuce--Flood Watch
• Artiscape--Klondike Lady
• Artiscape--Matilda Hall
• Artiscape--Shark Lady
• Badlands Hanover--Wiggle Hanover
• Badlands Hanover--Coed Blues
• Bettors Delight--Walk Softly
• Camluck--Red Carpet Queen
• Cams Card Shark--Western Beauty
• Cams Card Shark--Highscape
• Lear Jetta--Radical Missy
• Riverboat King--Best of Daylon
• Roddys Bags Again--Triple Fantasy
• Royal Mattjesty--Ashlees Star
• Royal Mattjesty--Imoutahere
• Royal Mattjesty--Rafanelli
• Shadow Play--Leaveasmile
• Three Olives--Princess Lace


• Cash Hall--Speed Talker
• Conway Hall--Baltic Region
• CR Commando--Call Me Hazel
• Crown Prince Gar--French Doll
• Malabar Man--Winbak Half
• Sand Vic--Cashmere Sahbra


• American Ideal--Accountable-
• Artiscape--Double Talk
• Badlands Hanover--Armbro Ocasey
• Badlands Hanover--Boogie Woogie Flu
• Riverboat King--TJ Run
• Shadow Play--Attack The Books
• Shadow Play--Deuces Hanover
• Shadow Play--Eternal Desire
• Village Jove--Jims Donna


• Angus Hall--Candidcamerakosmos
• Conway Hall--Armbro Sparkle
• Conway Hall--Summer Belle
• Island Fantasy--Sun Maid
• Island Fantasy--Superior View
• Malabar Man--Form Fitting
• Mutineer--Freedom of Speed
• Mutineer--GV’s Villatina
• Mutineer--Mystic Victory
• Sand Vic--Rapid Sahbra
• Sand Vic--Seaside Effect

(With files from Winbak Farm)

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