A New Dimension To Research

Thanks to the generous donation from the Equine Foundation of Canada, the Ontario Veterinary College will be upgrading its ultrasound equipment enabling three-dimensional


Images generated by this unique equipment can be viewed and manipulated interactively. Measurements of anatomic and pathologic structures will be easier to obtain and more precise.

This technology will be of great assistance advancing Dr. Heather Chalmers' work on upper airway disease funded through Equine Guelph. Dr. Chalmers' work is a joint venture with the Ontario Veterinary College Health Sciences Centre and the Robarts Imaging Institute, who are matching the donation in kind.

Future projects involving tendon imaging are also anticipated with potential for expanding the understanding of muscle degeneration, fine structures in tendons and their healing.

“On behalf of our research team, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Equine Foundation of Canada for their generous donation,” said Dr. Chalmers, OVC radiology.

(Equine Guelph)