Dutrow’s License To Be Reviewed

RCI President Ed Martin today formally requested the New York State Racing and Wagering Board commence a review of the racing license now held by thoroughbred trainer Richard Dutrow


In a letter to the Board (attached), Martin noted that Mr. Dutrow has violated the rules of racing in nine different states, at fifteen racetracks, and has been cited sixty-four times.

“In reviewing Mr. Dutrow’s career in racing you will find a variety of violations that need to be assessed in determining whether there is pattern of disregard for the rules sufficient to take action on his racing license,” Martin wrote.

“In addition to numerous violations of the drug rules pertaining to phenylbutazone, clenbuterol, and mepivacaine, there are violations concerning failure to adhere to licensing requirements, entering ineligible horses, conduct detrimental to racing involving false or misleading statements, as well as a variety of violations concerning failure to file proper documentation consistent with the rules,” he said.

Martin noted that a review of the underlying racing license is appropriate given what appears to be a pattern of disregard of the rules, spanning many years.

“How many so called honest mistakes can one have before you question whether there has been a total disregard for adherence to the rules. I ask the New York Board to make that determination and examine Mr. Dutrow’s career in racing to see if sufficient evidence exists to say enough is enough,” said Martin.



This individual is harmful to our industry. If ever an induvidual deserved Banishment on a permanent basis this is it.
If flagrant disregard for the rules we all have to race under, how can anyone have respect for the rules when Mr. Dutrow is a constant cheat and is allowed toAlso it is unfare to the many good trainers that have to compete against him!
The states that have been licencing him are complicit in his cheating.
Maybe legal action should be taken against him and those tolerating his cheatin!

64 citations and they wonder why the customer/fans/bettors have abandoned racing!!

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